Call Me Perky


I am a Cali Native, but got my professional footing in New York City. I received my LMSW from Columbia University in Harlem, and my Bachelors of Arts in Sociology from UC Riverside. I created the Perks of Wellness after my trip to Puerto Rico with an aim to build community and create space to promote independence. The goal is that the more the community can function within itself around wellness, which includes diet, exercise, gardening, hygiene, spirituality, etc; than the less the community will need government assistance. 

Through this thought process I created the Love Period LLC. With this project I hope to empower, not only women but men alike, in the hope to destigmatize feminine hygiene. Furthermore, I wish for feminine hygiene to have the space to be talked about, and to be addressed. I hope that daughters will feel confident to speak to their Fathers about their period, or for women at work to not feel stifled due to their periods.Basically less shame and embarrassment. Its Love PERIOD.

Outside of feminine hygiene, I have added the For Us component with the help of Tahyira Arias @iletthegoodtimeroll, which aims to uplift the community through networking. The goal is to connect all skinfolk through meetups, events, traveling, and social networking.  It's For Us by Us! Follow on instagram @ForUs4Us.

Therefore, I also am partnered with the Indie Creative Network to create my Perky Perspectives Podcast. Listen to the different platforms with the Perky Perspectives brand, which include Love Period, For Us, and Travel Perks. The Perky Perspectives Podcast is posted on Radio Public, Patreon, Google Play, Apple Podcast, and ICN.DJ.

Lastly, I have a blog under The Red Eye Media group. Find me @perkyblogs and leave me some feedback or suggestions for topics.